Drive Cloner Rx

cost effective, easy to use hard drive cloning & backup solution


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Bare Metal Protection

Complete clone or image backup of your hard drive

Disaster Recovery

Complete system recovery from backup images or cloned drive.

360° Protection

Create a full backup with your RollBack Rx’s snapshots intact

Drive Cloner Rx Overview

  • Key features
    Drive Cloner Rx Main Features

    - Restore on Reboot Restore on Log-off
    - Backup any number of physical drives
    - Backup any number of hard drive partitions
    - Perform full incremental and differential backups
    - Image file size control (Normal or High compression)
    - Validate backups
    - Explore backups as virtual drives
    - Create a bootable CD/DVD media disk
    - Generate a ISO image
    - Create scheduled tasks
    - Option to overwrite last full backup file
    - Manually start all backup tasks
    - Start backups one time only or after a specified elapsed time

  • Benefits
    Drive Cloner Rx Benefits

    Backup Content to Your Preferred Storage Location 

    Drive Cloner Rx enables you to create an image of your hard drive and to restore your PC to this image. You can also mount this image onto a external media (CD/DVD/BRD) or external hard drive, network drive, USB flash drive, etc. You can even use the bootable system recovery CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc creator to allow you to load your installation files from external media or create an ISO image for remote storage.

    Schedule Partial or Full Backup Images 

    You can either manually create backups or they can be set to run automatically. Drive Cloner Rx can perform full system backups or supplemental backup images. You can incrementally update a previously created Drive Cloner image. By incrementally backing up files, Drive Cloner synchronizes with an existing image and only captures data sectors that have changed since your last backup. This reduces the file size of the backup image by creating an add on image. You can alternatively create a differential backup image which records as part of the original image only those sectors that have been modified. You can keep working during partial backups which can silently run in the background

    Manage Your Backup Images 

    Drive Cloner Rx allows you to choose the compression level to minimize system resources. To ensure image fidelity Drive Cloner allows you to check these images for possible errors.

    Complete 360 degree Disaster Recovery Solution 

    Drive Cloner Rx v6.0 integrates seamlessly with RollBack Rx V10.x delivering a complete disaster recovery solution. Protecting you from any PC disaster.

    Reduce OEM Support Costs & Add Value 

    If you’re a small value added reseller then Drive Cloner Rx will empower you to compete on an even playing field with the larger PC builders. It can be used as a bare metal, factory like reset option that comes included on many branded PCs. But as a custom build you can use Drive Cloner Rx to reduce OEM support costs by creating a preconfigured recovery partition (similar to what’s offered on HP, Dell, Asus, Sony, Lenovo, etc.) which you or your customers can use to restore the PC back to your factory settings.

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    Version: 6.0
    Build: 2700899268
    Last Updated: 27 Dec 2015
    Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 (all 32 and 64 bit versions)

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